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Bentonite Waterproofing Products

Can Inexpensive, Efficient, and Eco-Friendly Bentonite Waterproofing Be The Solution To Your Basement Moisture Problems?

Bentonite waterproofing has been available in the United States for more than 80 years, and its ability to change with the times has made it just as popular today as ever. Bentonite is a granulated clay that has an absorption rate of fifteen times its normal size which makes it an excellent substance for use in basement waterproofing. Modern product adaptations have made it easy to install and economical to use, and advanced technological improvements in the way the material is installed have also made it a more popular choice in recent decades.

Polymer chemistry has done a lot towards making bentonite a more versatile material. It can be purchased in prefabricated panels and geotextile sheets, high density polyethylene sheets, and trowelable mixtures which can be used for detailing. Bentonite is an ore with the main ingredient of a clay mineral called montmorillonite. It was formed millions of years ago by volcanic ash being desposited in water. When this substance gets wet, it continues to expand unless it is contained. These properties make it an active barrier between water and the area being protected.

Unlike some waterproofing basement products, Bentonite products are installed dry. They can be used in numerous applications where waterproof linings are needed. When they become wet, they change from granular form to a seamless, monolithic membrane which keeps the moisture from progressing any farther. In its hydrated state, it conforms to uneven surfaces and penetrates cracks and holes in concrete which effectively seals off these potential leaks permanently.

Bentonite Waterproofing - A Green Choice?

People who are into going green in all facets of their lives will love bentonite, because it's a very eco-friendly product. It's a non-toxic, non-volatile material that has been certified by both the FDA and the NSF. Besides being used as a waterproofing medium, bentonite is mild enough to be used in such products as toothpastes, soap, skin lotions, pharmaceuticals, adhesives, cat litter, and in filters used for filtering wine and fruit juices.

If you have problems with leaky walls in your basement, you may want to check out having a contractor install bentonite sheets to correct the situation. Ideally it is meant as an outdoor product to be installed between foundation walls and soil; however, there are also applications in which it can be used sucessfully inside. Bentonite waterproofing comes in a number of different brands with different make-ups, so you will need to consult with a professional to find out what is right for your basement problems.

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Bentonite waterproofing